10 Tips For a Sparking Clean Bathroom

One of the most dreaded household activities is to clean the toilet. But if you follow these 10 guidelines, it doesn’t have to be so grim.

1. Remove the Garbage


If every surface is covered in bottles and accessories of all descriptions, it will take a lot more effort to keep your bathroom clean than if the surfaces are relatively empty. Delete something that you haven’t used over the past two months.


2. Reduce items for cleaning


Very few cleaning products are needed in order to keep a bathroom clean – typically just the washroom cleaner, the antiseptic cleaner in a spray bottle, and an all-in-one washing machine for sinks and showers. Why then do you have 14 cleaning products under your sink? Neither do I know. Throw all the additional cleaning products out of the place.


3. Put it off


Store beauty and bathroom cleaning items in an enclosed storage area so that they are not contaminated or that the bathroom does not become dirty. Only a few things on the counter tops should be left. If these are a part of a coordinated bathroom package, it is good, but not necessary. If your bathroom shop doesn’t have enough storage, you don’t really use things elsewhere, instead of storming your bathroom.


4. A Big Clean Up


If you look particularly messy in the shower, make a great effort to clean it thoroughly. Use some bathroom items and plenty of Elbow grease to sparklingly clean your bathroom. You should just have to make a lot of effort once.


5. Swipe and Swipe Daily


When your bathroom looks fine, it’s time to keep it so clean every day. Squeeze a little toilet cleaner into the toilet and swing with a brush. Wipe the top off, treat and sit down with antiseptic wipes or solution. Remove the sink with a bit of cleaner bathroom and a paper towel. And the tub… And…


6. Clean as long as you are in it


Use the cloth or non-scratch cleaning sponge, the cheap bubble bath and the shampoo and rub around the walls and floors of the bathroom easily, so that no soap scum will ever build up. (Excellent to get rid of shampoo or shower gel that you didn’t like).


7. Magic Wastebasket


It is much easier to throw something into the garbage and not to let it hang if there is a waste basket in the place. I don’t know why families should place items from the bathroom in the garbage in other rooms, but they don’t. A garbage basket in the room works magic by keeping your bathroom disintegration free (or waste-free here)!


8. Add air! Add air!


Mildew grows up easily from the humid, steamy bathroom environment if you don’t air it. Make sure you are in the shower using an extractor fan and open the windows if you can.


9. Wash it


Towels, bath mats and towels are washed periodically so that it looks fresh. To make life simpler, buy machine washable products.


 10. You’re proud of having a bathroom


It will be much easier to keep your bathroom clean if you love it than if you dislike the furniture, fittings and tiles. Make it look as good as possible.

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