Checklist – Bathroom Cleaning

Use this realistic checklist to promote the weekly cleaning of the building. By consistently handling tasks, you will keep your job to a minimum and give yourself more time to do the stuff you want. (Like not cleaning!) Also, consider giving sections or all of this checklist to family members, everybody is aware of what has to be accomplished by delegating tasks and a schedule, which will be done not only quicker but probably better.

Daily Day


  1. () Drop sinks and ropes.
  2. () Delete counters ()
  3. () Spray shower and shower/door mist


Weekly Weekly


() Bubble scrub/shower/styles


() Clean and scrub sink


() Toilet scrubbing and disinfecting


() Clean mirrors and ropes


() Clean off counters and disinfect them.


() Wash holders of toothbrush


() Wash and refill the dish/dish with soap


() Wipe door and door buttons off.


() Delete switchboards


() Clean waste basket and wipe it down.


() Floor vacuum/sweep


() The floor of the mop


() Remove molds and baseboards


() Replace towels and wash them


() Windows of dust


Monthly Monday


() Waste basket washing and disinfecting


() Detach cabinet and drawer fronts


() Rugs/mats wash.


() Liner for changing or cleaning shower


Seasonal Session (3 to 6 MONTHS)


() Take the shower curtains and wash them


() Wash walls, ceilings, etc.


() Clean and empty medical cabinets


() Empty cabinets and drawers and clean them out.


() Curtains washing window


() Washing out/vacuum fan


() Scrub grout tile


() Expired or unused cosmetics/beauty goods discharge




() Wash indoor and exterior windows


() Patch broken or ripped rugs and mats


() Repair or mend the curtain of ripped or worn shower


() Repair or mend the ripped window curtain


() Re-seal coarse lines




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