Bathroom Cleaning The Fast Way

Speed Cleaning Tips Toilet

The toilet must be washed at home or in the office. So if you’re cleaning for money or just cleaning your own bathroom at home, you want this work completed as quickly as possible. Why do some people take up to an hour to clean a toilet, while others can do the same job in half an hour? You want to learn pace cleaning tips to minimize the time it takes to complete this work and move on to other places to clean as soon as possible, if you have a cleaning service and are working to clean the space in an office. You want the work completed quickly so that you or your cleaning crew can transfer to the next account as quickly, easily and as completely as possible. And how are you doing that?

Here are several metrics used by active cleaning crews in nightly routines. First of all, be prepared by making all you need to clean the toilet ready. Using a cleaning caddy and keep all your supplies handy right next to you when they are cleaning. Before beginning, always ensure that your spray bottles are full. Any delay you need to go and get is wasted time.

Second, store paper goods like paper towels and toilet paper before cleaning really starts. Then dump the bathroom waste into a big garbage bag.

Start cleaning at the highest point in an orderly manner and work down. Use a few paper towels and glass cleaners and begin with the mirror. The mirror needs to be washed mostly in the area just above the rotor, where water is sprinkled while someone is washing his hands.

Finish the mirror above the sink and go down to the sink. Using cleaner and paper towels for all purposes in these particular areas. Be mindful that the more fluid cleaner you spray on the mirror, sinks, countertops and toilets, the more time it takes to wash off. You get the sense with practice too much is too much.

Now, what are the bathrooms? Using Ajax or Comet and the scrub brush, begin scrubbing in the circular movement from the upper inner surface into the center of the bowl. Go to your nearest janitorial supply store for stubborn ring flakes and ask for a grid and pumice stone. These work always well for stubborn hard water porcelain stains.

Maintain a non-stop fluid cleaning movement from beginning to end. You will work quicker soon and maintain consistency simultaneously. Remember, it’s great practice. Try yourself to see if you are able to break your own record from week to week. Soon your own toilet speed cleaning routine will be done.

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