Keeping Your Bathroom Clean – Naturally

To have a true green household and to sustain it, you must get rid of all your present cleaners that are harmful to the Planet. If you look at the labels and read what is really in them, you would be shocked and potentially horrified to know that what you and your loved ones use is unsafe and risky.

Currently, many items on the market today contain unnatural, highly toxic substances which are harmful not only to the environment but can actually affect the body and cause detrimental effects and more. There are also also goods that boast of “all-natural” ingredients – and yet contain hazardous chemical compounds that are not controlled by the government. These hidden truths are very dangerous when you attempt to achieve the green household, and you cannot achieve this green household without support until you know the reality.


The first thing you think you shouldn’t talk about the germs in your bathroom, but it’s true that it’s one of the most germs in your building. The breeding ground is very large for bacteria. In fact, a recent study has shown that 26% of the bathrooms tested were staphylococcus bacteria. Staphylococcus bacteria cause skin infections and you don’t want to think about this when you take a relaxing bath at night. You have to think not only about the bathtub, but also know that towels, sink, toothbrushes, toilet and countertops are other bathroom areas teeming with pathogenes.


Many people expend a lot of time and money on cleaning and spotless toilets. In this situation, most of the items are very dangerous, such as bleach and cleaners, which are not entirely fun to work with.


Luckily, we were blessed with something really special. A water machine that not only produces the finest, pure water you can find, but also water with various acid and alkaline levels. They will remove the need for hazardous chemicals to clean your bathroom and instead replace them with healthy, all-natural methods. With your water, it is even easier to keep your bathroom clean and free of harmful bacteria, especially with the following tips.


Designating towels — Sharing with your family is nice but designating various colored towels to family members instead of sharing germs and bacteria.


Keep the toilet clean — Please don’t disinfect it! With strong acidic water, the toilet bowl is washed with water that is as strong if not better than bleach without the harmful content of bleach.


Clean your toothbrush – While you should usually turn off your toothbrush around once every few months, you can help keep your toothbrush clean by using a strong acidic water on your brush again. Spritz it once a week with water and rince with water. In the meantime, it will be absolutely secure!

These are just a few tips from several ideas and tips that you can use when you buy your own water machine, to help you achieve a cleaner, healthier bathroom and to provide your family with the safest water.


Do it Yourself Maintenance Tricks Bathroom

The bathroom is probably the hardest place to stay in the house because it needs daily cleaning, without which it starts stinking and gets dirty very quickly. Follow the tips for cleaning your bathroom below to keep it shiny and tidy.


1. Mirrors/Glass: the easiest way to disinfect the windows and mirrors is to spray a vinegar solvent and rub the alcohol onto the surface to be washed.


2. Dower doors & stalls: Hard water can lead to hideous looks on the glass doors and walls of the bathroom. The best way is to clean the surface after – bath and also froze the doors and walls with car polish into a shield.


Sprinkle it with a citrus cleaner to disinfect the shower and leave for about half an hour before cleaning it with fresh water.


To clean the bathroom floor with soap froth, clean and wip with a rough brush or dishrag with plenty of citrus base. White vinegar is also an option, but you have to be careful, since it may take some time to remove the stains.


3. Toilet: Toilets are really dirty and everyone knows why. Only put a few cups of white vinegar on the toilet and wash it after a period, to clear the horrible look rings around the toilet.


In order to clear the rings in the toilet bowl, you first cut off the water in the toilet and flush some water in it. Soak a few vinegar paper towels and put them in the affected areas. Leave the towels for a couple of hours and wash for a sparkling clean toilet with fresh water.


4. Wash tank: the wash basin is frequently obstructed by falling hair and other debris particles trapped within the drain pipe. The most simple way to dissolve blocks is to apply a cup of vinegar and soda to the drain, followed half an hour later by a bowl of warm water. This also means that your reservoir is never choked.


5. Faucet: A towel in white vinegar will remove the hideous looking rings that form around the ropes. Place the towel around the roller and wait half an hour to disband the vinegar. Scrub the surface with a soft brush and rinse the surface with fresh water.

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