17 Point Bathroom Cleaning Plan

This is the reason you can begin cleaning with the top surfaces and work down. You will stop repeating work you have already completed.

Clear any surfaces near your sinks or bathrooms by pushing any toiletries, pans, and bags out of the way.

Using any spray degrader for chrome fittings.

Instead of using toilet bowl cleaner, dump some bleach in its vicinity.

Clear the dust particles from the surface of walls and ceilings.

Using a microfiber cloth to clean the glass frame of the window and the window frame. This will ensure the moulds do not prosper.

Rub a damp cloth on the edge of cabinets to clean them. Reuse wherever possible.

Clean the bathroom mirrors and shower door with a decent quality window cleaner and a sheet of kitchen paper. Clean with a dry towel.

Take out the rust and scale from chrome fittings.

Concentrate bathroom cleaner on all surfaces inside and outside of toilet, including shower and tub.

Leave in sink a few minutes then bring a couple of inches of warm water into it.

Take a clean j-cloth or a similar cloth and put it on your basin or shower and allow the water to flow back into the basin. Repeat the treatment mentioned above.

To clean out the vomit, carefully flood those areas with clean and cold water.

Use another slightly damp cloth to polish the entire region.

Toilet cleaning should be carried out thoroughly using a toilet cleaner and a bottle of bleach solution.

Follow this procedure: you need to pour a little bleach in the bowl but make sure the toilet is flushed before you put the bleach within.

Please leave the stage clean and tidy by wiping the floor down with a wet cloth (depending on floor covering).

Another thing to do is have an hour or two of fresh air. This will keep the bathroom hygienic and immune to mould.

By following this cleaning advice, you can keep your bathroom clean and fresh.

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