Easy Steps to Have a Sparkling and Germ-Free Bathroom


If you look at your medicine cabinet and you feel queasiness instead of relief, you look at the mirror of your bathroom and you can’t even recognize your face or you don’t even retain information about the color of the tiles of your bathroom, you don’t have to do serious bathroom cleaning without any doubt. This paper will provide you with the most effective steps to bring your bathroom back to its sparkling and refreshing look.

These are the things you’re going to need when cleaning the toilet:


  1. Comfortable clothing for cleaning
  2. Step-ladder stepper
  3. Long Handle Dust Mop With Long Handle
  4. Sponges The Sponges
  5. A sack of plastic
  6. Cleansers or alternatives
  7. Little bucket or pail


Obviously, you need to devote some time to cleaning the bathroom efficiently. First off, you need comfortable clothes to wear. The outfits that you should choose are those that can make it easier for you to move freely, so you can reach the bathroom corners. The next thing that you should do after putting on the appropriate clothes is to eliminate the clutter in your bathroom. You should start by cleaning your cabinet with your medicine. Look at the medicine labels and put the pills, supplements, and other medications that have already expired and other things that you no longer need.


Cleaning procedures for the bathroom should be carried out inside the comfort room without any distractions. If they are positioned inside, you should get rid of the laundry. With your cleaning company, put away things that do not have any significance.


You should start dusting the corners and ceiling first when doing bathroom cleaning. This eliminates any chance of repeating any tasks in the event that you initially forget to look at these locations. In order to eliminate dust build-up, all wall arts within should be cleaned and wiped-out. You should ensure that you do not use a spray cleaner in these parts when dealing with photographs and framed art. This is because the alternatives can see your images through the glass and spoil them. Instead, you should use a light wet cloth and wipe them off to make the glass clean and shiny with old newspapers.


In bathroom cleaning, the dusting of the fans and vents is a vital step. You should use a cleanser or solution mixed with water to clean the exterior of the fans and vents and wipe the dirt away using an unsoiled cloth. Before putting them back, attachments inside the bathroom should be detached, washed and dried.


It is necessary to wash and clean the curtains, blinds or draperies inside your bathroom appropriately. The cleaning of the bathroom involves window treatments and suitable washing of the corners and windowsills. You take them down and rinse them off appropriately if you plan to replace your screens.


Without scrubbing the tub and shower and, of course, making the shower doors gleam, bathroom cleaning is not complete. You should not fail to notice soap crust build-up and use natural or commercial cleaning solutions to have them cleaned.


Washing the sink, scrubbing the toilet, sweeping and mopping the bathroom tiles, shaking the bathroom rugs, cleaning the inside and outside of the linen and medicine cabinets, emptying and cleaning the trash bin, and ensuring that everything is dry after the clean-up process are the important elements of bathroom cleaning.

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